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الدورات المقترحة

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About Kawtar E-Learning Platform

This is a 'Cawtar' e-training platform, which the Arab Women's Center for Training and Research 'Cawtar' puts at the disposal of its partners and all development actors interested in gender and development issues, developed thanks to the support of the Arab Gulf Program for Development.

Diverse training resources are available, based on the center's areas of intervention and its accumulated experience over the years on issues of gender equality in the Arab region. Such as :

  • Gender equality in the sustainable 2030 development agenda
  • Advocating for gender equality in the 2030 Agenda
  • Financial inclusion for women and youth
  • Transformational leadership for women

And many other topics related to Kawthar's fields of work.

The platform is directed to a variety of target groups (activists in civil society structures, media professionals, researchers and researchers, experts and experts, government structures, ...) who are interested in gender and development issues, to help:

  • Raise the level of knowledge about women's issues according to the perspectives of gender and human rights
  • Developing capabilities and skills according to many fields (gender mainstreaming, advocacy and advocacy for women's issues, media handling of women's issues, financial inclusion, change leadership ...)
  • Contribute to advancing the development process in their countries and societies and in promoting the values of equality in general and between the sexes in particular
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